Have You Tried These Banh Mi Variations?

1 August 2018

Saigon-style Banh Mi is already worldwide famous for its variety and rich flavor. Banh Mi might be a layman’s dish only, but it doesn’t mean that Banh Mi has to be boring. The people of Vietnam have combined this simple dish with many different ingredients and flavors to create different versions of this dish. Take a moment to skip the traditional Banh Mi with pate or barbecued meat, and discover the strange variations of Banh Mi in Saigon.

Banh Mi with Soft Boiled Egg

Banh Mi and soft boiled egg don’t seem to mesh well together at first, however this combination has created a new variation on this dish. The soft boiled egg is creamy yet flavorful with the sauce combined.

The baguette is toasted and all crispy hot on the outside, on the inside the meat is tender and flavorful with the rich creamy egg yolk . The egg yolk is a nice little touch that really highlights the dish. You can go to Quang Bien at 318 Hoa Hao (District 10) to enjoy the soft boiled egg Banh Mi at a price of 20k.

Steamed Banh Mi

Unlike the usual Banh Mi with stuffings on the inside, steamed Banh Mi is distinctly different. The baguette is cut into bite-sized pieces, then steamed until tender and eaten with stir fry beef with onions. Thanks to this method of process, the Banh Mi is moist, fragrant and flavorful. The beef adds the savory flavor and adds balance with the sweet onions and earthy fried peanuts.

Steamed Banh Mi is best enjoyed wrapped in fresh, crisp vegetables and herbs and dipped in the sweet and sour fish sauce. The flavors will be bursting inside your mouth. There are two addresses for you to enjoy this dish: Chi Tuyen at 175 Co Giang (District 1) or the curbside at Co Giang Market (Phu Nhuan District). Prices are from 35k - 40k.

Banh Mi with Pork Ribs

Banh Mi with pork ribs have been around for a while but still needs to be put on the list of strange Banh Mi varieties in Saigon. This Banh Mi dish provokes curiosity for its round and full appearance. The ribs are stewed until tender and well-marinated with lemongrass and becomes more flavorful the more you chew.

Banh Mi with pork ribs is sold at 60Q Nguyen Thong (District 3) with the price of 24k/piece.

Banh Mi with Nem Chua

Nem Chua is a type of meat cake that comes in the form of a tightly rolled cylinder, with pork skin and fermented pork meat wrapped inside banana leaves. If the Banh Mi variations are rich with a lot stuffings, this one will surprise you with the different textures and the sweet and sour flavors. Nem Chua is not the easiest Vietnamese dish to get into because of its sour taste. But when hiding behind a thick, crisp baguette, it seems like the taste is very balanced, the bread reduces the intensity of the Nem Chua, in return the sour taste and the texture elevates the plain Banh Mi. The fresh herbs and the crispy cucumber slices complete and balance the flavors. You can get this in a food cart on Nguyen Thuong Hien St. (District 3) with the price range of 15k - 20k

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