Upcoming Spotlight Events in Hanoi and Saigon

20 September 2018

On Saturday, September 15 in Saigon and Sunday, September 16 in Hanoi, the Korean guitar prodigy will be performing live for the audience. The concert will be held at VOH Music One (37 Nguyen Binh Khiem, Da Kao Ward, Dist.1) in Saigon and the Youth Theatre of Vietnam (11 Ngo Thi Nham Str.) in Hanoi.

Fingerstyle is a new genre of solo guitar music in Vietnam which has been thriving in recent years. One simple way of describing this genre is that with only a single guitar, a performer can play as if he is an entire band. Fingerstyle brings about a whole new perspective about the acoustic guitar and is currently drawing attention for guitar music.

About Sungha Jung: Started playing the guitar at the age of 10, Sungha Jung was known as a “Korean guitar prodigy” and became very famous, especially on YouTube with over 991 million views and over 3 million subscriber (as counted in April, 2015). Of the 15 achievements he gained on Youtube, six are “No.1”. Having composed and arranged many songs with diversified styles, Sungha Jung has released 9 albums and the newest is “Andante” (in May 2018). This is the fifth consecutive Vietnam tour for Sungha Jung.

In the meantime, DOCLAB is calling for applications for their Creative Documentation K10 class. The deadline is on September 25 for all interested applicants.

The course Creative Documentary Filmmaking K10 continues the inspiration, the practices and the achievements in documentary and experiment filmmaking by Hanoi DocLab. This course also has its own uniqueness. Not only will it show you the basic steps to make a short film but also the possibilities of images. We imagine techniques in relation with free movements and moral gestures, individual in relation with community and history.

The target audience of this course are people who want to tell stories, make poems, write essays with moving images; explore the world and portray life through cinema.

Duration: 3.5 months with 2 phases. Phase 1: Participants study in class together for 12 sessions, each lasts 3 hours (the 6 first sessions will be divided into 2 sessions/week, taking place from 6.30 pm – 9.30 pm on Wednesdays and 8.30 am – 11.30 am on Sundays; the 6 later sessions will be divided into 1 session/week, taking place from 6.30 pm – 9.30 pm on Wednesdays; from mid-Oct to mid-Dec 2018). Phase 2: Participants has 1 month to finish their individual project with consultancy on request

Content: 4 main topics interlaced:
– Determine the meaning of filmmaking: Distinguishing filmmaking directions in terms of objective, relation between reality and human; analyzing examples.
– Techniques used on-site, equipment and software techniques: Filming, recording, lighting, interview, editing.
– Construct the cinematographic aesthetic world: Understanding and designing a world on screen
– Individual project management: Brainstorming, finding resources, writing script, planning, scouting opportunities to make your movie public.

This course is developed according to our participants’ suggestions. Whether a participant finishes the course is up to their own effort, but learning film making through individual project is the most practical way. The first 6 lessons comprises of presentations, instructions and introductory discussions for everyone; the last 6 sessions revolves around the film making process of each individual, through which every participant can understand the main topic of the course. We hope that this course can cover the introduction on cinema, the basic skills for film making, and a broad perspective on human, life, and art. We especially look forward to meaningful, inspirational discussions with you all.

Note: The deadline for application is 25 Sep 2018. The number of participants is expected to be 14-17. During the course, you need to ensure 8-10 hours each week for assigned exercises and self-learning. This will help with visualizing your idea and realizing your movie.

About the Instructors:

Ngo Thi Thanh: After graduating from Hanoi National University of Education with a Master’s degree in Literary Theory, Ngo Thanh devoted herself to literature, cinema, and arts. Completed Critical Theory and Screenwriting courses, a part of the Cinema Project by Ford in collaboration with the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, in 2009, she continues with cinema through joining film making courses at DOCLAB. Through 10 years of participating and gaining experience from classes, projects, and from local and international independent artists, she gradually shaped her creative focus, which are individual films, essay films and film making. She was one of two main instructors for Film making K5 by DOCLAB in 2013 with 8 movies completed after the course. Ngo Thanh also continues her art and film research with designing the screening and film criticism for FSG – a film research group – from 2013 to 2018 as well as with freelance writing. (Blog: https://ngothanh86.wordpress.com/). Notable works: Fiction (2009) screened at the Asian visions Film Festival, Philippines, 2012; The Sand (2011) won First prize at Vietnam Green Documentary Film Award VIETDOCS 2010/2011; Video Letter (2012) screened at the Metropolitan Museum of Photography Tokyo, Japan, 2013.

Phung Ha Thanh is a film enthusiast, a education, aesthetic and creativity researcher. Her PhD thesis at the Michigan State University (USA) was about creativity schemes in the modern age. Currently a lecturer at Vietnam National University in Hanoi, she teaches research, modern society, and modern art history courses. (Blog: https://thanhhaphung.wordpress.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/phung.h.thanh).

Le Xuan Tien graduated from Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema in 2017 with a degree in film & television. He participated in the Film making K8 by DOCLAB and now continues his practicing on moving images.

Dang Nguyen Tuan Anh joined Film making K6 by DOCLAB, specialized in post-production – editing film/video and sound designing. One of the films he edited won the Silver Kite for Short film in 2017 (“XX2061” directed by Pham Thu Thuy).


Lang Co Town - A perfect escape for the summer

The small Lang Co town in Phu Loc District, Thua Thien – Hue Province is located on the root of the imposing Hai Van mountain range. With long beach sloping gently to the pure water sea, Lang Co is a quiet note for a summer escape.