Art & Culture Hubs in Saigon

18 May 2018

Saigon is not a city that will ever bore you. Those who like to relax and chill in coffee shops always have a series of new café popping up like mushrooms after rain to try out. People who want to go shopping will have a series of large and small malls and youth complexes. What about the youths who are passionate about art? Do not worry, somewhere in Saigon there still are countless spaces for those who harbor an inner artist. Don’t believe us? Check out the following series of places right now!


1. The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre (15 Nguyen U Di, Thao Dien Ward, District 2)

Although located in District 2 quite far from the city center, but The Factory Contemporary Art Centre is always the favorite stop of many young people, partly because the exterior design is very modern, eye-catching, with hundreds of remodeled containers being made into buildings. The atmosphere that this place brings is extremely modern, liberal and different from the places that the young Saigonese often frequent.

Besides exhibiting works of art in various forms such as paintings, sculptures, art installations etc., The Factory is also the venue for meetings between great contemporary artists in the scene and also the place where workshops take place so that everyone can learn and cultivate their artistic skillset.

The main spaces here are: café serving the guests stopping by; open spaces for holding conferences, workshops, seminars; a library with a series of rare books on various art fields; exhibition room; bars. All the areas are carefully and creatively decorated, ready to decorate your instagram feed.


2. Tuan.Fr Studio (64 Le Quoc Hung, District 2)

Tuan.Fr (real name Le Tuan Anh) is a famous fashion photographer in Ho Chi Minh City. Tuan.Fr Studio is a place where this photographer serve his passion for art.

It regularly hosts exhibitions of photograph works by artists from all over the world. Most of the artists featured here are very young, even some have just entered the profession not long ago. However, all of their works are very soulful, innovative and unique. So far, Tuan.Fr studio has had two exhibitions, "Come as you are" and "Come Together".


3. Ho Chi Minh Museum (65 Ly Tu Trong, District 1)

You might be passing through this museum every day but not everyone knows this art paradise located in the heart of Saigon. From the outside, the Ho Chi Minh Museum looks rather dull and not very prominent. However, you have to step inside and see that the place is unique and there are many things to explore.

With an area of 2ha, Ho Chi Minh Museum is a large building designed and built by French architects. Therefore the place is has an European cultural atmosphere and architecture structure. Every detail of the Museum is highly sophisticated and aesthetic-bound, from the long movie-like corridors, the dreamy vintage windows to the beautiful staircase or the big dome.


4. Dia Projects (Ground floor, Saigon Domaine, 1057 Binh Quoi St., 28 Ward, Binh Thanh Disctrict)

Dia Projects is a gallery exhibiting contemporary works by an artist named Richard Streitmatter-Tran. There are exhibitions in a variety of areas, such as photographs, paintings, installations, pottery.

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