5 Beautiful Mountain Destinations You Must See in Vietnam

22 May 2018

1. Ba Na Hill - Da Nang

Ba Na Hill is about 30km west of Da Nang city center. Situated at an altitude of 1.487m above sea level, the climate is cool and temperate all year round, making it an ideal destination for those seeking cover from the heat of the summer.

Le Jardin D'Amour Flower Garden in Ba Na is a large flower garden divided into nine small ones. The gardens are designed with an European gothic style, befitting its name. Each small flower garden has a different theme and layout. There is also a mysterious labyrinth that is extremely shady and quiet, perfect for the adventurous couples.

Ba Na also has one of the three Linh Ung Pagodas in Da Nang. After the cable car, you can begin your pilgrimage to Linh Ung Pagoda to burn incense. The temple has a 27 meters high Buddha statue that can be seen from the city, designed with 8 faces showing 8 stages in the life of the Buddha. The temple also has a garden - where the Buddha preached for the first time.

Another tourist attraction in Ba Na is to enjoy the wine in the Debay Wine Cellar, which was built by the French in 1923, for the purpose of storing alcohol especially wines. The wine cellar was built from monolithic rock deep inside the cave, which is the reason why the wine cellar is still intact after all these years.

2. Sapa - Lao Cai

Sapa travelers will have the opportunity to conquer the famous Fansipan peak or take a hike to the ethnic minorities villages hidden in the mist. From April to May, ethnic minority people in Sapa begins to transplant rice on terraced fields. And this is also the blooming flower season. The terraced rice field is especially beautiful and has long been a symbol of Sapa.

Standing on the top of Ham Rong Mountain, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Sapa, Muong Hoa valley and Ta Phin hiding in the mist.

Sapa Stone Church

Sapa stone church, built in 1895, is considered to be one of the most ancient architectural vestiges of the French left in Vietnam. The church has been embellished and preserved, becoming an indispensable image when referring to the misty town of Sapa.

Coming to Ta Phin And Ta Phan Village, you can visit the infamous terraced rice fields and take a look at the unchanging life of the ethnic minority people who live here.

Muong Hoa valley is another special destination with an the ancient stone field, comprised of stones with various carvings, lying interlaced between the grass and the terraced rice fields. Hundreds of sandstones were carved with figures and  strange characters, whose source and meaning have yet to be identified. Today, the ancient carvings have been made into national monuments, an unique heritage of the ancient Vietnamese people.

3. Moc Chau - Son La

Moc Chau is the largest and most beautiful mountainous area in the north, with a temperate climate, famous tourist sites such as Hang Doi, Moc Chau pine forest, Thai Hung waterfall etc., as well as the tea field and grass hills.

(A look at Hang Doi - Bat Cave)

Moc Chau pine forest is another less traveled to destinations, so it still retains most of the wilderness and wonder. The forest is beautiful year round, fitting for a relaxing hiking day.


4. Da Lat

Da Lat is a city with many nicknames such as “The Dreamy City”, “City of Flowers”, “City of Fog” or “Little Paris”, giving people the impression of a romantic quaint little town. With its cool and pleasant year-round climate, this beautiful highland city is always an ideal vacation destination for millions of visitors every year.

Viewed as the symbol of the city, Xuan Huong Lake is renowned for its crystal clear surface, surrounded by trees and green grass. Xuan Huong Lake is also home to nearby famous tourist attractions such as Lam Vien Square, the city flower garden, Yersin Park.

The Domaine de Marie is a Catholic convent in Da Lat, Vietnam. The church was built during the French period, but the Domaine de Marie church features the typical architecture of the Vietnamese Highlands. Located on Mai Anh hill, lying among cherry and apricot blossoms, the church stands out with its bright pink color

Nestled between pine forests and green hillsides, the Valley of Love is a famous tourist destination of Da Lat. The valley has beautiful scenery, flower gardens and poetic lake, suitable for visitors to take pictures and relax in.

With its unique criss cross terraced structure, Pongour Waterfall is known as The Most Beautiful Waterfall of the South. From afar, the waterfall resembles the luscious locks of a maiden’s hair, which is why it’s associated with the legend of the talented female chief of the K'Ho tribe.


Lang Co Town - A perfect escape for the summer

The small Lang Co town in Phu Loc District, Thua Thien – Hue Province is located on the root of the imposing Hai Van mountain range. With long beach sloping gently to the pure water sea, Lang Co is a quiet note for a summer escape.