Đàn Tranh – Cello Improvisation: When East Meets West Concert

9 October 2018

Heritage Space is honored to introduce a very special musical night: Đàn Tranh – Cello Improvisation: When East Meets West.

This concert focuses on the improvisation between the Vietnamese đàn tranh (plucked zither), and the Western classical instrument violoncello. The đàn tranh and violoncello are two instruments that historically had little to no relation to one another. Thousands of miles and hundreds of years of strict traditions separated these two wonderful instruments. When Vietnamese master of the đàn tranh, Thầy Duyệt Thị Trang, and American cellist, Bryan Charles Wilson, first collaborated, the synergetic magic between these instruments was quite apparent. Instead of relying upon the repertoire from their individual canons, they meet in the middle with improvisation. The concert will feature music that fuses together two instruments and traditions that were destined to meet and cross cultural boundaries.

The performance will have two special guests that will accompany Master Trang and Bryan on a number of improvisations. They will be Ly Phan and Eliott Malderez. Ly and Eliott are two of a kind, hedonists and artists that unite around world music and unique sensations. They enjoy spending time dancing, traveling, or discovering music with numerous ethnic instruments collected during their journeys.

Be ready to open your heart and feel the energy flow!


MASTER DUYỆT THỊ TRANG – Vĩnh Tuấn artisan under the Tuy Lý Vương – the successor of Nguyễn dynasty. As a master in traditional zither and music, the name ‘Duyệt Thị Trang’ is taken the idea from the word ‘Duyệt Thị Đường’ – Royal Theatre, where Hue’s court music performed in the pass. Following the word of Minh Mạng King: “Music presents to upon people’ heart, nourishes the will, expresses the good and evil, then holds the good to prohibits the evil. With that spirit, Master Duyệt Thị Trang established the Nhã Nhạc Quarters (court music) to share the pure and beauty of traditional music, in order to preserve the heritage of successor.

BRYAN CHARLES WILSON: Cellist, composer, music educator, and author of the famous book Cello Chords. The book has been used by cello players around the world and has become a valuable resource for cellists and composers. Bryan has worked as a cellist and composer for films, dance productions, commercials, puppetry shows, and animations. His three solo cello albums: Oso Perezoso, Inner Peace, and Kaia combine his classical upbringing with his love for hip-hop and contemporary music. Visit his website www.bryanwilsoncello.com

Admission: 100,000 | 150,000 | 200,000 VND

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This is a not-for-profit event, all proceeds will be used to cover honorarium for the artists and production cost.

The concert will be held at Heritage Space, 1st Floor, Dolphin Plaza, 6 Nguyen Hoang / 28 Tran Binh, My Dinh 2, Hanoi on Sunday, Oct 7th from 8:15  to 9.30 pm.

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