Mu Cang Chai; Harvest Moon - the beauty “Tay Bac (North-West) Love Story”

27 June 2018

Each fall, the harvest season is just around the corner and all the rice paddies of Mu Cang Chai have weaved hundreds of yellow silk stripes across great valleys. It is the perfect time to set forth and challenge the passes and hills of Khau Pha in order to get to Yen Bai, which has transformed into wide fields of gold underneath the clear blue “Tay Bac” sky. 

We have a date with Mu Cang Chai’s harvesting season 

The best time to experience Mu Cang Chai is on a sunny day, as the valley is given a subtle shade of honey gold. For a panoramic view of the mountains, Khau Pha is one of the four high mountains of the Tay Bac area, which must be traversed if you wish to venture into Mu Cang Chai. Khau Phau is an ideal place to hunt, but it is also very dangerous due to the steep and winding slopes that become treacherous on cloudy days.

Scenic view from Khau Pha pass (photo: visa-vietnam)

Traveling to Mu Cang Chai during the harvest will reveal an overwhelming, shimmering golden carpet that stretches out underneath the sapphire Tay Bac sky. Gazing out over the valley, travelers will be met by a mesmerising beauty that cures the fatigue set in by all the steep and hard passages previously traversed, providing a sensation of pride and fulfilment.

Mu Cang Chai’s harvesting season (photo: PYS Travel)

September and October are the two main crop seasons of the people here. Therefore, during this time, the farming output is at its peak with all golden terraced rice fields stretching wide across the horizon, creating a magnificent view not unlike that of a water painting. One simply has to hold the camera up in order to have tons of spectacular photos to bring back home. Mu Cang Chai during this season is picturesque in every angle. Each frame produces a distinctive colour and atmosphere.

Photo: PYS Travel

The ideal time of the day to photograph Mu Cang Chai in the season is from 7am to 9am. This is when the sunshine will be “dancing” on the rice terraces that makes "these silk ribbons weaving across the sky" become as shimmering as gold. After 9 o'clock, the fields will be covered with a thin layer of clouds.

(Photo: Pystravel)

Where to have the best view of Mu Cang Chai?


Mu Cang Chai has the most beautiful rice terraces, including Tu Le valley, Lim Mong village, La Pan Tan commune, Ba Nha bridge, Cu Nha village and Thai village.

Tu Le is a valley of Van Chan district, located on the side of mountains. Tu Le in the autumn is filled with fragrant scent of ripped yellow rice fields, ground rice, cooked rice in claypots and the unmistakable smell of smoke rising from the chimneys. Tu Le in the autumn is the “soft” and winding double mountains in a beautiful golden honey hue, as beautiful as the name itself. (*)

Photo: Pystravel

Lim Mong village, Cao Pe commune, lies hidden in the clouds, attractive, inviting but also challenging because of its infamous difficult road. However the natural scene of Lim Mong, Mu Cang Chai in the season is worth the effort.

The remote of Lim Mong village (Photo: Tananh Ngo)

The plain, rustic lands lying next to a small village, deep in the valley, leaning back on the mountain are the beautiful little rice terraces of the peaceful Thai village, one small bridge away from Mu Cang Chai town centre.

Beautiful patches of the rice fields in La Pan Tan (photo: bienontheroad)

The pearl of Ba Nha Bridge, located about 10 km from the centre of Mu Cang Chai, is a speciality that you absolutely should not not miss on your Mu Cang Chai conquest.

Ba Nha Bridge and its glory (photo: Diemthamquan)

All the gentle and curved rice terraces in Cu Nha tribe, located 7 km from the center of Mu Cang Chai, provide an unrivaled view; however, the road to Cu Nha tribe is quite steep and hard to traverse, meaning that its more suitable for seasoned travelers looking for a challenge with a high reward, should they desire to get all the way down to this beautiful tribal area.

The golden season at Cu Nha tribe (photo: Dreams time)

A must in everyone's life, a visit Mu Cang Chai during its harvesting season is a one in a lifetime experience to be immersed in the "golden sea"; to be swooned in the peaceful aroma of the ripped rice fields and to be at ease in harmony with nature.

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