Nam Cat Tien Forest is the hottest new trekking spot

27 April 2018

For Labor Day holiday this year, there are only four days for you to enjoy your vacation. This surely limits the destinations of your choice to those nearby. Luckily, there is still plenty to do and explore around Sai Gon that won’t necessarily break your bank. One of which is Bau Sau in the Nam Cat Tien forest.

Cat Tien National Park is one of six biosphere reserves recognized by UNESCO in Vietnam.

Bau Sau in the Nam Cat Tien forest is one of the most attractive trekking spots in the South.

With relatively flat terrain, two thirds of the boundary of the park is surrounded by Dong Nai River so the weather is mild. The forest still retains all of its wild features with many precious tree species. This is also home to many wild and semi-wild animals: bears, monkeys, wild chickens, deer, wild pigs etc. and is likened to the paradise of birds such as peacock and wild chicken.

Coming to Cat Tien, travelers can choose the ecotourism route of discovering the botanical garden, where there are more than 300 precious tree species, many of which are endemic to the Southeast region of Vietnam. In the night time, you can rent a bicycle or walk along the main road and admire many wildlife animals: wild pig, deer, porcupine, gaur, mink etc. that will only appear at night. You can also choose to visit Ta Lai - a community of ethnic minorities: Ma, Tay and S'tiêng, exploring the daily life of the villagers.

Another interesting option is the Bau Sau route, which is quite far from the center of the park, travelers will have to be transported by the ecotourism and environmental education center’s shuttle bus for 9km, for about 500,000 VND/trip. The shuttle bus can accompany 4 to 7 people, then you will have to walk for 5km. Bau Sau is a large reservoir of rare birds and crocodiles. Being here, you will be able to admire the passionate dance of the peacocks, immersed in the scenic, majestic scenery of the lake.

If you love adventure, you can choose the tour by trekking through the forest. The interesting thing is that you will be able to see wild chickens eating, or the colorful birds wandering in the forest, flying up whenever they see you. However, these routes are only recommended for experienced travelers in the jungle.

15km from the center of the garden, there is quite an interesting road to admire the 400 year-old si tree, with the height of more than 8m, bending itself on top of the water. It’s quite difficult to determine where the main body of the tree is. In addition, there are many other interesting tourist routes such as: Troi (Heaven) waterfall, traditional long house in Ta Lai, white stone hill, Bat Cave etc.


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