Unique and colorful desserts in Vietnam

27 June 2018

Mixed Coconut Meat (Dua Dam)

Mixed coconut meat a.k.a “dua dam” has been sweeping the Northern region of Vietnam this summer like a storm. The dessert originated in Hai Phong, but Hanoians have managed to import this delicacy, much like other Hai Phong’s specialties.

Dua dam is a mixture of different ingredients and textures that harmonize completely with each other to create a sweet, soft yet slightly crunchy and full of tropical flavor dessert. The first thing you’re going to notice is the white boba pearls - the type easily found in bubble tea, but a lot softer. Scoop up a spoonful of dua dam and you will find shredded coconut and thinly sliced coconut jelly. The coconut jelly is soft and chewy, and the shredded coconut adds a fun texture to the dessert. The sauce is the real star of the dessert however. Thick and creamy with a strong coconut flavor, it will get you addicted and leaving you wanting seconds.

Pandan Coconut Sweet Soup

Pandan coconut sweet soup, or “che dua non la nep” can be considered kin to “dua dam”, with a bit of Hanoi twist on it with the pandan-flavored jelly, which garnered lots of approval from Hanoians. It’s no surprise that Pandan coconut sweet soup has become so popular.

The main ingredients for a bowl of Pandan coconut sweet soup consist of thinly sliced fresh coconut meat, pandan jelly with boba pearls, and a thinner, less sweet coconut milk sauce than dua dam’s. The focus of the sweet soup is on the coconut milk sauce - full of coconut flavors, with a hint of sweetness and creaminess.

You can get Pandan coconut sweet soup on deliverynow at Bep me Bong, Bunn Kitchen, Che ngon Vy Vy etc. at the price of 15-28k per bowl.

Cocoa coconut sweet soup

This is a fairly new dessert that has just emerged this summer in Hanoi. What’s a better partner for coconut than a shot of bold chocolate flavor?

The Cocoa coconut sweet soup is served in a half coconut shell, with soft-served ground coconut meat concoction that is super refreshing and creamy, some coconut jelly for a crunchy texture. You’ll get a heaping serving of cocoa powder on top of the sweet soup which balances out the sweet and creamy coconut flavor perfectly. Just mix and enjoy this easy, refreshing dessert that will surely beat the summer heat.

Since it’s a fairly new item, there’s not many places that sell Cocoa coconut sweet soup yet. You can find this dish at Funny Monkey (251 Xa Dan St.), 147E Doi can St., 490 Xa Dan St. etc. at the price of 28k per bowl.

Com non cot dua

Com non cot dua a.k.a Green rice in Coconut milk is also a fairly new dessert. Com a.k.a green rice is a traditional Vietnamese snack that is usually served in the Fall. It is not dyed green, as can be done with pandan, but is immature rice kernels roasted over very low heat then pounded in a mortar and pestle until flattened. The taste is slightly sweet with a nutty flavor. It is a popular seasonal dessert across Vietnam, especially in Northern delta food cuisine. One of the most popular flavor pairing in Northern cuisine is com and coconut, so it’s no surprise that these two ingredients will combine in a sweet soup dessert one day.

The ingredients for the dish is fairly simple, consisting of soft coconut meat, coconut milk, com and some ice. It’s a drink rather than a soup served in a bowl. The green color of com sprinkled in the white color of coconut makes this dish extremely eye-catching. If you want to enjoy this dish (or drink), come to Bestea on Doan Tran Nghiep St. or pay a visit to the Cong ca phe chain for the price of 48-50k per.

Lang Co Town - A perfect escape for the summer

The small Lang Co town in Phu Loc District, Thua Thien – Hue Province is located on the root of the imposing Hai Van mountain range. With long beach sloping gently to the pure water sea, Lang Co is a quiet note for a summer escape.