Vietnam’s Cu Chi Tunnels - a must visit destination

27 September 2018

Considered as one of the ten most spectacular underground works in the world, Cu Chi Tunnels complex is a place that survived the intense bombings of the US and marked the historic victories of the Vietnamese people with strong determination and wisdom in combating invaders and protecting the country during the Vietnam War.


The complex of tunnels is now a global landmark that receives millions of visitors over year.


Located in the heart of the city. About 70 km north-west of Ho Chi Minh City, the Cu Chi tunnels are known to domestic and foreign tourists as a land of underground myths.


The 250-kilometer-long complex was built in the late 1940s and underwent intense bombardment by the American armies in the 1960s.


Photo: caitlyndebeer


Cu Chi, the copper-to-steel land - Photo: csaba


The legendary underground class - Photo: Ann

Cu Chi Tunnels: The myths of living under the ground

This is a tunnel system deep in the ground with a length of up to 250 km. Before visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels, you will be shown footage of Cu Chi tunnels as well as the tunnels’ history and systems.


Currently, the tunnel system for visitors is just a small branch of Cu Chi tunnels. However, once you are in the underground tunnel, you will still feel the greatness and iron will of the soldiers of Vietnam in the past.


Entrance of the tunnel - Photo: conforbu


The hidden magnificence and great will of Vietnamese soldiers - Photo: Chris


Cu Chi tunnels are low, dark and lack of air. There are parts of the tunnels that would require tourists to stoop down, or even crawl in a damp and dark place with tiny space. While the more intrepid visitor is invited to try squeezing through a very small section of the tunnels in their original form, most visitors will have to opt for a widened portion. Each turn and corner of the tunnels is connected to another one like a spider web, with the meeting room, the medical room, storage chambers, weapons production chambers, bedroom, classroom; all inside the Cu Chi Tunnels.


The challenge of the war - Photo: khoahoc


The excitement of tourists when discovering Cu Chi Tunnels - Photo: James


Today, the tunnels are preserved as a war memorial, attracting tourists from all over the world, curious to see what underground life was at that time.


Scenes re-enacting wartime activities in the Cu Chi tunnels - Photo: Richard


Production of weapons in the Cu Chi tunnels - Photo: Cuchi.demo


Besides, you will also see the self-made weapons of the people of Cu Chi. Simple things left behind by the American soldiers were, with the sharp intelligence of the Vietnamese soldiers, recycled and repurposed into weapons of terror that instead were used to defend against the colonial invaders.



Admire the weapons made from recycling American supplies in Vietnam - Photo: franmd


American artillery bombs were repurposed by soldiers from the Cu Chi Tunnels - Photo: vase1980


The location of the pitfalls in wartime tunnels in Cu Chi Tunnels - Photo: pjgone


Go back in time with the reconstruction area of Cu Chi Tunnels in the past


To better understand the harsh life of this Cu Chi region, you can look to the historical reconstruction site of the time period in Cu Chi Tunnels. Here, you will encounter the roofs of cottages, bamboo bushes and extensive rice fields. In the distance, the bombs dropped by American soldiers remain intact to this day.


The entrance to the reconstruction of the liberated area of ​​Cu Chi - Photo: cuchi.demo


Information station in the clearance area of Cu Chi tunnels - Photo: cuchi.demo


The scene of agricultural production in the liberated area, Cu Chi Tunnels - Photo: cuchi.demo


The reconstruction of the “white scene” in Cu Chi Tunnels - Photo: cuchi.demo


“The tunnels have been enlarged to accommodate generously proportioned foreign tourists, who must crawl through the enclosed space on hands and knees. Definitely not for claustro­phobics or anyone in white clothing,” an SCMP (South China Morning Post) report says.


Last year, the Cu Chi Tunnels came in 8th among the top 25 Asian landmarks voted for by TripAdvisor travelers.


If you are a history lover and would want to know more about how Vietnamese people won the war and liberated the country then this is a perfect place for you to visit when you’re in Vietnam.

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